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Medical cannabis treats multiple sclerosis

It is well known fact and it is not a secret that medical cannabis is able to compete a large number of various diseases. This list contains diseases with different symptoms, methods of infection and inconveniences. Medical cannabis is a powerful analgesic, given as a gift to mankind by nature itself. It can fight cancer and pain, chronic seizures of pain of different nature. Besides anesthesia effect, medical marijuana can provide step-by-step cure and even absolute cure of many diseases. Also, do not forget about the oil of cannabis seeds of high concentration of cannabinoids which can provide you with excellent support in treatment of many diseases. Cannabis oil has dozens of different applications which depend on the strain. Today, we will discuss the potential of medical cannabis in the matter of healing multiple sclerosis.


Here is multiple sclerosis

Many people mistakenly associate it with senile dementia, but these diseases are fundamentally different. Due to development of the disease there is a destruction of the protective layer covering nerve fibers. This layer consists of a special myelin covering. When it is overgrowth there is formed ordinary connective tissue. Scars formed in place of the protective layer breaks represent enormous harm to the mental processes and entire nervous system. Medical cannabis can reduce the risk of such deviations. “Wounds” will not appear and the scar tissue will not replace myelin. The main risk group of the disease are young and middle age people, between twenty and forty. Women get sick more often than men. Also, white people take sick of the disease most often.  It is very difficult to diagnose the disease at early stages.  Unfortunately, neither traditional medicine with all its pharmacological delights nor medical cannabis have not provided complete cure of multiple sclerosis.  So what is the use of cannabis, if we speak about the “sore”?

Prevent is better than cure

The help, which medical cannabis provides to humanity in the fight against multiple sclerosis is primarily the ability to prevent disease rather than cure it. The man who started to use marijuana at the age of twenty years is guaranteed to prevent the possibility of development of this painful disease, significantly impairing quality of his life,  also it fights tremors, spasms, pains, problems with memory and perception. Symptoms of the disease are very unpleasant, and sometimes the disease can lead even to death. If we consider that drug cure of multiple sclerosis is still impossible, it is the only way to stop worrying about the disease. In addition, medical cannabis is able to kill the second “hare”, which has already been mentioned previously. Using medical marijuana at young age reduces greatly the risk of dementia, we may even say, resets. Of course, if a person has genetic predisposition to idiocy and categorically does not want to treat consciously his health he is unlikely to be cured by cannabis. But it is a great medical tool, promising and able to make life easier for many sick people. In the end I would say that there are about four million patients with this disease all around the world. Most of them live in the states that do not want to legalize and decriminalize medical cannabis. Medical cannabis could significantly relieve their pain, and to prevent new victims of the disease. Legalization of medical use of marijuana can bring enormous benefits to patients all around the world.


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