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News from San Diego

News from San Diego

San Diego will finally implement some fair treatment for medical marijuana patients.

News from San Diego

After years of unfair treatment towards medical marijuana, the San Diego mayor Bob Filner announced that his final proposal is complete and ready for discussion, which will take place in the City Council meeting on March 25th. The ordinance will become available to the public on March 20th.

This ordinance includes a list and a map of permissible zones, where the medical marijuana dispensaries will be allowed to operate and these include commercial zones, industrial zones, and community commercial zones. The patients will be required to register their physician recommendations with the with the California Department of Public Health’s central registry. Medical marijuana vending machines might be prohibited.

It is important that all San Diego residents, who care about medical marijuana legalization and its status show their support and participate in the hearing by sharing their opinions and telling their stories about successful medical cannabis treatment. The meeting will begin at 2pm, at 202 C St. (12th Floor) San Diego, Ca 92101.


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