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Marijuana – Gateway Drug or Useful Medicine?

Marijuana - Gateway Drug or Useful Medicine?

There are too many myths about marijuana. Most of them are supported by activists fighting against full marijuana legalization. In this article we will dispute cannabis myths related to health.

Marijuana - Gateway Drug or Useful Medicine?

1. Marijuana harms the teenage brain.

The only reason for this is hollow reports like, for example, one international study according to which smoking cannabis between age of 13 and 38 affects IQ decline. That`s it…

2. Smoking cannabis make you depressed and schizophrenic.

Other research has made an attempt to connect smoking marijuana as a teen with serious mental illness like depression. But why then people who are psychotic use marijuana as a medicine?

3. Marijuana affects your memory.

According to Columbia University professor Carl Hart, regular marijuana smokers demonstrated no serious decrease in cognitive function unlike those who have never smoked cannabis.

4. Marijuana is a gateway drug.

It is unconfirmed fact that is distributed by anti-drug zealots.
Hart says: \”Most people who try it don\’t even continue smoking marijuana.\”

5. Marijuana is dangerous even in reasonable amount.

According to Meg Haney, a professor at Columbia University who has been studying cannabis addiction for many years, one or two joints per week have minimal impact on our body and health.

6. Marijuana has no medical benefits.

Apart from the fact that marijuana relieves chronic pain, has beneficial effect in treatment of glaucoma and nausea, there is new evidence that THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) – active compounds in marijuana are able to kill cancer cells. According to Madrid`s Complutense University professor Guillermo Velasco, tetrahydrocannabinol has showed tumor-shrinking effect in rodents.

He says: \”I think we\’ll see clinical trials in the next five years. Cannabinoids also ameliorate the side effects of chemotherapy, so they could make patients feel better in general.\”



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