Medical strains
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Big Bud

Big Bud

A cornerstone of medic cannabis strains.

Big Bud

Type: Indica-dominant hybrid (60% indica to 40% sativa);
Breeder: Sensi Seed Bank;
Top medical use: stress relieve;
Helps patients relieve: stress, insomnia, pain, appetite disorders, anxiety;
Most common effects: laziness, sleepiness, uplifting, happiness, euphoria;
Flowering time required: from 50 to 65 days.

Big Bud is basically a classic well known for it’s high yield, great performance and massive buds that it produces. This hybrid of Skunk #1 Definitely a thing for growers that need a dependable and reliable plant. The resulting medic cannabis has a creamy, earthy, grape and citrucy flavor with some skunky undertones.

Originally developed in the US and moved to Holland in 1980th Big Bud arrived on the global medical marijuana map and has been one of the most reliable strains since, cementing it’s success with a Cannabis Cup award in 1989. This is a heavy indica, so only evening and night-time consumption is recommended. Big Bud is good against stress, sleep issues, appetite disorders and chronic pains.


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