Medical strains
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Lavender medical cannabis strain is one of the safest painkillers out there.


Type: indica-dominant hybrid;
Breeder: Soma Sacred Seeds;
Top medical use: different types of pain;
Helps patients relieve: seizures, social anxiety, depression, pain, nausea;
Most common effects: euphoric, lazy, happy, sleepy, uplifted;
Flowering time required: from 56 to 63 days.

Lavender is a very interesting medic cannabis with genetics from all over the globe spanning from Afghanistan to Hawaii then to Korea, then the United States and finally Europe. Such a worldwide cross resulted into a unique strain with magnificent looks and great medical properties, that eventually earned the first place in the Indica category on the 2005 High Times Cannabis Cup.

Lavender has a smell reminiscent of the real lavender and partly purple leaves. As for the properties of this medicinal marijuana – it is great to fight anxiety and also as a pain relieve medicine (best suitable before sleep, since it’s an Indica). Highly recommended by many marijuana dispensaries and a true must-taste strain for everyone.


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