Medical strains
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An almost pure sativa with impressive appetite improving qualities.


Type: almost a pure sativa (95% Sativa to 5% Indica);
Breeder: DNA Genetics;
Top medical use: appetite issues;
Helps patients relieve: stress, social anxiety, chronic pains, depression, lack of appetite;
Most common effects: uplifting, euphoric, happy, munchies, energizing;
Flowering time required: from 63 to 70 days;

Chocolope is one of the so-called partly resurrected strains. Originating from the famous Chocolate Thai female and Cannalope male plus a few backcrosses, Chocolope resulted into a munchy, euphoric and almost pure sativa with the unique chocolaty flavor. The flowering time of this strain is not the shortest one, but all the patient growers will be pleased with the resulting plant.

With a second place in the Best Overall Strains category on the Cannabis Cup and a spot on the High Times Top 10 Strain list both in 2007, this strain has a very special aura among medical marijuana patients. It is not only praised for it’s medical benefits, but also for a unique taste and a real “high-school” high.


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