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Legend of OG Kush

Legend of OG Kush

The origins of the OG Kush name.

Legend of OG Kush

Apart from being one of the most popular strains on the West Coast, OG Kush also has a mighty legend behind it. A real medical cannabis with a story! Since the genetic origins of OG Kush are relatively unknown and people still argue whether this is an indica or a sativa, as for the name there are three main theories:

OG stands for Ocean Grown. According to the popular urban myth, when the original grower mentioned in a discussion, that the Kush was not mountain grown, it was Ocean Grown, which eventually stuck as Ocean Grown Kush and was later shortened to OG Kush.
OG stands for OverGrown, which is a tribute to, worlds largest cannabis grow site closed by the canadian police back in 2006.
OG stands for Original Gangster, because it rose to popularity in the 90th in California which at the time had all the hype about hip hop and gang culture.

The only historical info about the strain is a theory that it was bred in late 93 in Northern California and became widespread and popular in Los Angeles in 1995.


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