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The best painkiller – Cannabis

Since ancient times, cannabis was used by medical professionals as an anesthetic, from the Indian Brahmins, the Chinese sages, and steppe shamans to European physicians of the last century. Nowadays cannabis as analgesic is quite officially used in about twenty states of America and several European Union countries. I find such a return to the roots more as a progress. Suspicion attitude to marijuana in the United States has been cultivated during Prohibition, the Great Depression and the post-war period. Then, due to the enormous influence of this country it was transmitted to Europe. In those days the audience was unsophisticated in gimmicky gullible people, so propaganda was taken on “hurray”. Meanwhile, cannabis is a top class painkilling drug today. The main advantage to the production of pharmacological origin is absence of an entire galaxy of terrible side effects. Cannabis can act not worth, but does not put tremendous stress on kidneys, liver and other internal organs. It contains sixty types of psychoactive substances, some of them have huge potential in medicine. THC differs significantly with antiemetic and antihistamine effects. In addition, the chemical is a powerful hallucinogen among others contained in cannabis. Cannabinoids make cannabis a painkiller. Human brain contains cannabinoid receptors that interact with pain centers. Therefore, if we use cannabis we can deal with severe pain.

Medical marijuana

Medical apply of marijuana

The plant is used for long time as a cure. As for today’s application, it is used in treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, cancer, support patients with autism, epilepsy, and dozens of other diseases. Of course, cannabis is still used as an analgesic. Most diagnoses which are contained in the list of ailments that allow smoking medical cannabis are based on the use of anesthetic. Cannabis is advisable in many disease states. Medical apply of cannabis is mainly smoking or use of oil from the seeds of cannabis.

Medical marijuana

Cancerous diseases

Especially unusual analgesic cannabis is accounted for oncology. The nature of pain in these diseases is very different from ordinary diseases. The main ingredient of the substance in the fight against cancer pain is as effective as codeine, opiates, and even harder drugs. Regarding states we can say that researchers from the Medical University of Washington considered it appropriate to use analgesic cannabis for the relief of pain in several types of patients, of course, oncology, in particular patients, “sitting” on chemotherapy. Then there are patients with spinal cord injuries, peripheral neuropathic pain, post-traumatic syndrome and HIV. The rest of cases of its application is individual and is directly considered by the attending physician of the patient. The researches of Washington scientists confirm that cannabis has an excellent anesthetic effect.


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