Medical strains
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Louis XIII

Louis XIII

A powerful and really royal cannabis strain.

Louis XIII

Type: almost a pure Indica (90% Indica to 10% Sativa);
Top medical use: insomnia;
Helps patients relieve: insomnia, chronic pains, appetite disorders, migraines, nausea;
Most common effects: euphoric, relaxing, sleepy, uplifting, creativity boost;
Flowering time required: from 63 yo 70 days;

Of course cannabis is a safe medicine because if you use it with proper doctors recommendations, you’ll never get a really serious tolerance, but often this is impossible for example if the patient suffers from a serious condition or undergoes chemo. In this case the patient will require some really potent strain which in turn will raise his tolerance and this is exactly the case when strains line Louis XIII are helpful.

This medical cannabis kicks in with a small sativa head-rush and then lands a full body-melt assault. It is very heavy, so better take one hit and wait for the effect. Louis XIII provides a good relaxation and will be able to handle even the nastiest chronic pain, plus improves mood and appetite.


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