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Herojuana OG

Herojuana OG

Herojuana OG is one of the best sleep-aid medical cannabis strains.

Herojuana OG

Type: Indica-dominant Hybrid (80% Indica to 20% Sativa);
Breeder: Woodhorse Seeds;
Top medical use: insomnia;
Helps patients relieve: insomnia, appetite issues, chronic pains, depression, nausea;
Most common effects: hungry, sleepy, euphoric, tingly, happiness;
Flowering time required: from 63 to 70 days;

Herojuana OG (or Herijuana OG) like many other OG genetics strains is highly recommended as a natural and effective sleep aid. It is classified as a nearly perfect medical Indica with amazing medical qualities. Crossed from an unknown Sativa and an Afghani, this is a heavy and powerful medical cannabis, that shoud be used only a night-time medication in case the patient needs full-body relaxation, chronic pain relief or suffer from appetite disorders, due to a condition or treatment.

Herojuana OG is a magnificent and powerful Indica, that has amazing extra-sticky buds, awesome looks and is really heavy. Basically everything that a good medical marijuana needs and even more.


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