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Medical Marijuana Rundown for Seniors

Cherie Scott, the 86-year-old, was totally against the drug until her son suggested to try marijuana to improve her night`s sleep. She was afraid to become addicted to sleeping pills and tried marijuana cookie. Now it is her every night bedtime snack and she has the best sleep she has ever had.

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Health Benefits of Hemp Protein

  Cannabis sativa plants produce hemp protein. Consumption of hemp protein does not lead to any psychotropic effect. The hemp nut contains 33 percent of protein. Hemp protein is available in the form of powder, which you can use in smoothies, for example, and in the form of seed, which you can add to your […]

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Scientifically Proved Facts About Cannabis

This video is about scientific research of cannabinoids, which prove it helps people with serious medical conditions.

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Cannabis and Your IQ

This video tells us about cannabis impact on IQ levels in different ages.

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Seven-year-old girl uses medical marijuana

A seven-year girl from Oregon uses medical marijuana as a part of her treatment.

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Cannabis Can Stop Metastasis

There is one more proof cannabis can help cancer patients.

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Cannabis and Our Brain

Do you know how marijuana impacts our brain and why do we get high?

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What is Cannabidiol?

Scientists and specialist will tell you what CBD is.

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Side Effects of Marijuana Treatment

Marijuana becomes more and more popular as medicine, but what do you know about side effects of marijuana treatment?

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Medical Marijuana`s Impact on Human Health

This video tells us about the benefits of marijuana treatment.

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