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Cannabis and Brain

This video is about cannabinoid receptors research conducted in Washington DC.

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Olive Oil Infused with Marijuana

The video guide will show how to make olive oil infused with cannabis.

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Medical Marijuana and Kids

  This video is about little two-years-old boy Cash Hyde who fought his brain cancer.

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The Effectiveness of Marijuana Tinctures

Esmeralda Martinez is a naturopath from New Mexico. Her grandmother was a healer too. Esmeralda remembers how people came to her grandmother from hundreds of miles to buy her medicine. She cooked it in the kitchen and called one of the ingredients “la hierba buena”, which means the good herb. At the age of nineteen […]

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Kids and Medical Marijuana

There are 17 states in America where medical marijuana is legal. Not only adults use medical marijuana for themselves but also they use it to help their children. Some believe cannabis can alleviate symptoms of autism, epilepsy and more, but this treatment remains controversial.

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Cannabis Against Brain Cancer

Sam Dyer, whose father is a leading cancer specialist, use cannabis oil to treat his tumor.

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Cannabis and Kids

This video is about medical marijuana treatment for autism.

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Smoking Cannabis Does Not Harm Lungs

A study has found smoking cannabis on regular basis for up to seven years does not impair lung function.

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Harmless Plant with Good Benefits

The video shows us top 10 major health benefits of cannabis.

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Health Benefits of Cannabis

Doctors are talking about marijuana health benefits and marijuana research.

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