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What to Do to Increase Cannabis Crop

What to Do to Increase Cannabis Crop

We will tell you about several methods to increase the number of female cannabis plants, or the THC content of plants:

What to Do to Increase Cannabis Crop

If you need results sooner than usual you can make the plants mature in 36 days. Just reduce the time when the light is on to about 14 hours, but keep in mind that the plants will be smaller.

Do not cut back the light cycle immediately. Do it gradually until you reach fourteen hours.

To increase the resin, stop watering when your cannabis plants begin to make the resin rise to the flowers.
Use a sunlamp as the plants begin to develop flower-bearing stem.

You can cut the flower where it joins the plant. In several days you will see a new flower. You can repeat it two or three times. In such way you can get more flowers.

If you want your cannabis plants to be almost only female, spray them with Ethel in their growing stage. It also can speed up the flowering.

You can also use a growth changer – Colchicine. But it is quite expensive – about $35 per gram.
Using the Colchicine, you should presoak your seeds in a solution of distilled water with about 0.10 per cent Colchicine. A large number of seeds will die, but those that will germinate will become polyploid plants. Be sure the after this your cannabis will become super weed.

But be careful as the Colchicine is a poison in larger quantities. The first generation of plants may be poisonous. Some specialists warn against smoking the first generation plants. You should wait as all next generations will also be polyploidy.

According to the Medical Index, Colchicine can be used in very small quantities to treat various ailments. Be sure that these small quantities would appear to be larger than any you could get smoking a seed-treated plant.

Here is another experimental method to increase the resin. Try to pinch off the leaf tips as soon as they appear. Do it constantly from the moment of seedling stage through its entire life. The plant would be distorted and it would not look like marijuana. Such wrecked plants have been known to produce so much resin that is crystallizes a strong hash all over the surface of the plant. You can try it and see what happens.



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