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Medical Marijuana and Aging People

Medical Marijuana and Aging People

One nice 91 year old lady was suffering from chronic insomnia. She has had enough of slipping pills and side effects, and she decided to try something new.

Medical Marijuana and Aging People

She talked about it to her family and they suggested trying medical marijuana. Medical marijuana is legal in California. You can use it if your physician has approved and recommended it to you after in-person exam. One of two doctors gave his approval. She got her dose of edible cannabis at the nearest medical marijuana dispensary and tried it. It did not work for the first time. She thought it was not really effective.

She came to visit her family. She was able to make her trip by herself. Alice needs some help sometimes, but she is doing very well for 91. However, she felt in bathroom and hurt her tailbone. The pain was strong, and as she does not like narcotic pain medication, she was treated with anti-inflammatories, but it did not help enough. Her son reminded her about medical marijuana and she tried a kind of cannabis chocolate bar. She ate just a small piece and it helped some. Alice increased the dose and it helped a lot.

She slept like a baby that night and had a good flight home. Her family had some concerns about carrying cannabis candy through the airport. But edible cannabis has no odor and you do not smell like a marijuana smoker after you eat it. She landed successfully. Her family was glad that Alice came unnoticed by Feds and their sniffer dogs.

Alice lives not far from medical marijuana dispensary and she is going to visit it to get another portion of her candy medicine. Her family noticed that marijuana helped not only her tailbone pain, but also her mood. Just a small bite of medical cannabis candy helped her better than all standard pain relievers. And another important thing is that she has no side effects after cannabis treat.

Of course there are some of you who think cannabis is dangerous or something. We are not propagandizing the idea of using medical marijuana. But for some people, like Alice, it can be helpful. Medical marijuana treatment has no serious side effects as other pain killers, slipping pills or other prescribed drugs. Alice still has some pain, but feels better. She does not get high, she acts normally, and she has no addiction. She is able to do her daily routine.

Despite everything, Alice is going to stay at the beach with one of her girlfriends next month. Alice`s family advised her to provide herself with cannabis chocolate bars.


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