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The Effectiveness of Marijuana Tinctures

The Effectiveness of Marijuana Tinctures

Esmeralda Martinez is a naturopath from New Mexico. Her grandmother was a healer too. Esmeralda remembers how people came to her grandmother from hundreds of miles to buy her medicine. She cooked it in the kitchen and called one of the ingredients “la hierba buena”, which means the good herb. At the age of nineteen Esmeralda realized that her grandmother`s famous tinctures were based on cannabis.

The Effectiveness of Marijuana Tinctures

Today, 50-years-old Martinez helps patients in frames of New Mexico`s medical cannabis program. She says it is strange that someone who suffers from cancer, PTSD or another serious medical condition must do a lot of paperwork just to have access to a herb, her grandmother took advantage from without electricity and running water.

New Mexico`s medical cannabis program assumes a lot of paperwork. If you are medical cannabis patient in New Mexico you must have annual renewal from your physician. As Martinez`s tinctures are in a legal grey area now, her patients find her by word of mouth. And it is not because she wants to protect herself. It is all about her patients, as they may be at risk until medical marijuana treatment is prohibited under the federal law. “This is kind of ridiculous, to feel I have to be low key about my practice, but it’s not to protect me. It’s to protect patients who are former Border Patrol agents and veterans whose insurance is at risk until federal prohibition ends,” she told.

We met with one of Esmeralda`s patients. Her name is Maria and she suffers from melanoma. She would like to officially join the New Mexico medical cannabis program. “I can’t believe I have to worry about legal ramifications when I’m looking for medicine to make sure I stay well,” Maria told. “I mean on the federal level.”

The most people share her point of view. Len Goodman, a state-licensed provider says the number of orders reduced by half. That is because people cultivate their own marijuana.

Helping people to overcome all this bureaucracy is an integral part of being healer today, Esmeralda says.

Practically every Latina healer has her/his own traditional multi-generation medicine recipe based on cannabis. But of course they keep these secretes.

Esmeralda is one of them. Her mission is to help patients, but she will keep the exact components and ratios of her grandmother`s tinctures in secret. “I do educate my patients, and I may pass all the elements on one day, to a protégé or in a book,” she said. “But not any time soon.”



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