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Kids and Medical Marijuana

Kids and Medical Marijuana

There are 17 states in America where medical marijuana is legal. Not only adults use medical marijuana for themselves but also they use it to help their children. Some believe cannabis can alleviate symptoms of autism, epilepsy and more, but this treatment remains controversial.

Kids and Medical Marijuana

We will tell you about Zaki Jackson. He was just 6 months old when doctors determined a diagnosis of epilepsy. The disease was very severe. His mom, Heather Jackson says \”He would stop breathing. All the air leaves his lungs and he does not take another breath until that seizure is over.”

During ten years little boy tried 17 different medications but his condition did not improve. After all these attempts to make Zaki`s life better his doctor prescribed a new medicine – marijuana.

Some of states where medical marijuana is legal provide prescriptions to children to treat different diseases such as autism, cancer and other. Of course this treatment should be done under parental supervision.

There are opponents of such treatment as the American Academy of Pediatrics. They make a point of the fact that marijuana has not been clinically tested in kids and no one knows for sure what ramifications it could lead to.

But Zaki`s parents decided to try it anyway. The results were immediate and stunning. Heather says \”I probably stared at him for a good three hours after his first dose and then I fell asleep. I didn’t feel any seizures after his first dose.”

It is amazing but Zaki has had last seizure eight months ago! Now he acts like a normal kid.

Zaki uses special type of cannabis. It has been bred specifically for medical purposes. It has low level of THC and high level of CBD (cannabidiol).

According to Dr. Margaret Gedde of the Clinician`s Institute for Cannabis Medicine, using this type of cannabis will not get a child high. \”In other words, the cannabinoids in pot are very similar to substances our own brains naturally make, called endocannabinoids. These substances serve to quiet excessive activity, whether it’s in the immune system, in the gut or in the nervous system”, Gedde explained.

Zaki takes his marijuana medicine in form of syrup every day. This syrup contains an extract of purified cannabis oil with high level of CBD.

But Dr. Sharon Levy, of the Boston Children`s Hospital / Harvard Medical School considers that doctors do not have enough information about children`s medical marijuana treatment. She also thinks that both doctors and parents put their child at risk.

Nevertheless, marijuana has been used for thousands years and even by pregnant women. Zaki and his family need to feel the result of treatment right now and marijuana helps. \”Medical marijuana is definitely saving Zaki’s life,” his mother Heather said. \”It’s saving his life and it’s giving him a quality of life.



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