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What to Do to Increase Cannabis Crop

We will tell you about several methods to increase the number of female cannabis plants, or the THC content of plants:

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Types of Lights to Cultivate Your Own Medical Cannabis

In this article we will explain what of light you should use when growing marijuana inside.

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Trimming Your Weed

Do you know how to trim your marijuana plant correctly? Watch the video and learn!

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Growing Medical Cannabis Indoors

See what do you need to grow marijuana plants in your closet!

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Growing Lights for Medical Cannabis

Jack Kelly tells you about different types of growing lights for indoors cultivation.

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Organic Cannabis Arthritis Balm

With the help of this tutorial you will be able to make your own organic pain cream.

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How Long Marijuana Stays in Your Body?

Do you know for how long drugs stay in our system?

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How Marijuana Affects Our Mind?

Did you know that almost all drugs affect our mind?

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How to Quit Smoking Cannabis?

The video gives you 10 reasons not to smoke cannabis and how to quit if you do.

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Cannabis Effect on Our Memory and Thoughts

A physician-scientists and medical geographer speaks about marijuana influence on our memory and thoughts.

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