Medical strains
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Real Story of One Medical Cannabis Patient Suffering from Parkinson`s Disease

This video shows us fabulous changes which took place in life of one person suffering from Parkinson`s Disease.Here you can see how Taylor French&...

Medical strains
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Post Traumatic Stress? Marijuana Can Help!

New research published in journal Molecular Psychiatry tells why marijuana may alleviate symptoms of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).Nearly eigh...

Medical strains
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Los Angeles to Have Only 135 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Los Angeles residents voted to allow medical marijuana dispensaries in their city. People supported Proposition D, which limits the number of dispensa...

Medical strains
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New York Votes for Medical Marijuana Legalization

According to a poll conducted by the Siena Research Institute, 82% of New York residents support medical marijuana legalization in case a doctor recom...

Medical strains
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LA Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Vote

During the last five years Los Angeles has been trying to resolve the problem of medical marijuana dispensaries. All of us understand that marijuana d...

Smoking Marijuana May Prevent Bladder Cancer

According to the new study, those who smoke cannabis are less likely to have bladder cancer than those who smoke cigarettes.This research, alongside w...

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Cannabis Helps Crohn`s Disease Patients

The journal Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology announced new data about cannabis.According to researchers at the Meir Medical Center Department ...

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