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Safety and Vending Machines

Safety and Vending Machines

How safe are the marijuana vending machines?

Safety and Vending Machines

Many people today are concerned with the safety of the so called medical marijuana vending machines. Each machine has a state of the art security systems that will first require the patients fingerprint and one additional form of I.D. like driver’s license or passport. Then the patient will have to swipe his or her state licensed medical card to make sure that they have a valid subscription from a physician. At this stage the machine will also see the prescribed amount of medicinal marijuana, which will eliminate any mistakes or the infamous “human factor”. The same card will also store the electronic funds that can be used to purchase the marijuana. This means that each patient has an additional financial control factor and can’t purchase more than the prescribed amount.

Still many marijuana enthusiasts are concerned with the factor that for example in Massachusetts the individual who wants to apply for a marijuana dispensary license will need to have at least $500.000 cash on his account, which sets the barrier for marijuana business a little too high.


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