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Medical Marijuana Bill in Maryland

Medical Marijuana Bill in Maryland

It takes only a sign from the governor and Maryland will have legal medical marijuana.

Medical Marijuana Bill in Maryland

Maryland just recently had an overwhelming victory in the US legalization: just recently the Maryland Senators passed a medical marijuana bill with an impressive vote of 42 to 4 (where 42 just screams for 420). The only step left no is the final approval of the Governor Martin O’Malley and Maryland will officially join the list of states that have legal medicinal marijuana.

And even before the bill the state of Maryland had very good conditions for people, who need medical marijuana as their medicine. In 2003 the state passed a “medical marijuana affirmative defense law”, which was later amended on May 10, 2011. This law provides a very good defense for people, who threat their conditions with cannabis. When reviewing certain marijuana related cases the law must consider the “medical necessity of the defendant”. If this necessity is proven – then the possession of an up to one ounce of cannabis is not punishable; higher possession and cultivation may be only fined, with the fine reaching up to $100.


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