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52% of Americans Support Cannabis Legalization

52% of Americans Support Cannabis Legalization

For the first time in history the majority of american citizens voted for marijuana legalization.

52% of Americans Support Cannabis Legalization

Just recently the Pew Research Center (or just Pew) has conducted a survey of one and a half thousand of adults on the topic or marijuana legalization and all the questions related to legalization. The result was astonishing – 52% of Americans today believe that marijuana should b legal and only 45% oppose.

Detailed numbers are even more interesting. All the age groups – Millenials, Baby Boomers and the so called Generation X show impressive number of supporters with 65%, 50% and 54%. Another interesting thing is that 48% respondents have confirmed, that they’ve tried marijuana at least once and 70% of them agree that cannabis should be legal. Less and less people see marijuana as a gateway drug – only 38% and more and more agree that cannabis has medical benefits – the impressive 77%! The majority of respondents (72%) also agreed that the government’s war of marijuana is a very expensive and pointless thing and federal laws should not be enforced in states where marijuana is legal on a state level.


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