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White Widow

White Widow

White Widow – the legend.

White Widow

Type: Sativa-dominant hybrid (60% sativa in 40% indica);
Breeder: Green House Seeds;
Top medical use: stress;
Helps patients relieve: stress, chronic pains, anxiety, insomnia, depression;
Most common effects: euphoric, uplifting, happy, creativity boost, energizing;
Flowering time required: between 56 and 70 days;

White widow is way more than just a medic cannabis strain – it is a legend! The name comes from the looks of the plant – White Widow buds are fully covered with trichomes, which gives the plant a really snowy and frosty look. This medicinal marijuana first surfaced in 1995 and got the first place in the High Times Cannabis Cup Bio category, creating a huge buzz in the marijuana community. The genetics are a clever combo of Brazilian Sativa and Indian Indica, which resulted into a strain with qualities from both sides. White Widow is famed for it’s great effect on chronic pains and for it’s almost legendary uplifting effect. Potent, popular and delicious – this is definitely a must-taste for most marijuana enthusiasts.


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