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Nausea and Cannabis

Nausea and Cannabis

Ever tried to deal with your nausea with help of medical cannabis strains?

Nausea and Cannabis

Nausea is one of the nasty things that is usually a part of some more serious condition like AIDS or a result of such thing as cancer treatment. Patients that suffer from nausea have appetite issue, stomach issues and can eventually end up with unhealthy weight loss. The pharmaceutical solutions for nausea are rarely a good thing, but medical cannabis can provide some safe and effective relief. Patients who use medic cannabis to treat nausea and appetite disorders showed signs of successful treatment basically in all cases and stepped away from the risk of weight loss and conditions that might come with it. Improved appetite comes in as a bonus.

The strains recommended for dealing with nausea are – Platinum Bubba Kush, Jilly Bean, Lemon Diesel, Blackberry Kush, Blueberry Kush, Super Skunk, Hog’s Breath, Pure Kush, Headband and Sweet Island Skunk. You can easily note that most of these strains have some Kush genetics, which means that treating nausea with any other types of medical kush will be also effective.


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