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This Country Could Be Close To Exporting Medical Marijuana

This country could be close to exporting medical marijuana, boosting the spirits of the thousands of patients who benefit from the herb. Key Is...

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Patrick Stewart backs call for six-year-old epileptic boy to receive medical cannabis

«Легализация медицинской марихуаны – очень важное дело», - говорит актер, который сам использует растение для лечения артритов. Актер Патрик Стюа...

The best painkiller - Cannabis News
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The best painkiller - Cannabis

Since ancient times, cannabis was used by medical professionals as an anesthetic, from the Indian Brahmins, the Chinese sages, and steppe shamans to E...

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Medical cannabis treats multiple sclerosis

It is well known fact and it is not a secret that medical cannabis is able to compete a large number of various diseases. This list contains disease...

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Medical and food usage of cannabis

Hemp is a unique cultivation, while deepening into studying you will not get tired to be amazed with its versatility. Spheres of use of cannabis are s...

What to Do to Increase Cannabis Crop

We will tell you about several methods to increase the number of female cannabis plants, or the THC content of plants:If you need results sooner than ...

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Types of Lights to Cultivate Your Own Medical Cannabis